Dear OTLPOA Members:

We hope you are all enjoying the nice fall weather in the Lakes Area!

This letter is regarding the Rearing Pond project that was mentioned in the President’s Corner in the August Lakeshore News. We wanted to give you all a progress report on our fund raising:

We have currently raised around $60,000 of the $90,000 Goal. That is a great start but we still need your support!

In case you missed the articles or for further information you can:

  • Refer to the August Lakeshore News: Pages 2 and 7
  • See the attached Fact Sheet
  • Click on the link below to see a short video of the project:

To donate see attached Fact Sheet. Or click on the West Central Initiative Website below:

Donate via credit card online:

Why is OTLPOA involved?

  • We want to ensure this beautiful property is not developed and is left in a state of conservancy for future generations to enjoy.
  • It sits between two member lakes of OTLPOA. Blanche Lake and Otter Tail.
  • It’s the right thing to do!

We need your help to make this happen! Thank you!

Scott Simdorn
President OTLPOA
Cell: 701-640-1572

Rob Bope
Rearing Pond Committee Chair
Phone: 612-889-8771

Click to open or to download and print to mail in your donation.