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On January 5, 1967 The Otter Tail Lake Property Owners Association, Inc was incorporated. It was incorporated as a non- profit corporation with any person owning real estate in the area within the corporation could be a member. The area was defined as Blanche Lake, Deer Lake, Long Lake, Otter Tail Lake, Otter Tail River North, Pelican Bay, Round Lake and Walker Lake.

Today, OLTPOA is one of Minnesota's largest lake associations. For over 45 years, OTLPOA has been promoting the community welfare and civic development of member areas. It has focused on the preservation of fish and wildlife, preservation of water quality, preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species and has been a vehicle by which area residents can help solve common problems.

The association is governed by a board of directors consisting of 16 members. The board meets seven times a year. An annual meeting of all members is held in June each year.